Perabun stands as a voice of the community. The word itself is derived from the Malay magical mantra – which has been used to theoretically cause virtual blindness to the enemy or cover the vision of an intended personality or people in an applicable environment. Most effective application is in ancient warfare in which Silent Killer with PERABUN will dominate the battle absolutely or as means to avoid detection or to run away completely from potential captors. Hence we often referred PERABUN – MEMBUTAKAN MATA. As a lesson learnt, we hope that as a visionary we are not blinded by human actions purposely or accidentally. Rectify the wrongs or otherwise we remain as backward as we shall be with ignorance, arrogance, and simple stupidity.


This blog highlights social wrongdoings by presenting the practices in pictorial truth, communal experience, and daily behavior captured by camera, video, simple observation personally or in group, or by words of mouth. The scenario depicted hereby shall become a lesson, a case study, and policy ingredients for relevant agencies in this country. Or taken seriously as a means to begin a new lifestyle catered for a much better future. Let’s bygone be bygone. We see and we change for the better. never intends to humiliate those involved or caught in actions but to cite clear example of unacceptable behavior so that we realize the mistakes before they become infectious and contagiously disastrous.


Those who have the information please participate in this blog by giving comment or send an e-mail to the administrator: or simply participate or share your thoughts with us @perabunalami.


Help us shapes a better future. Prevention is better than curing.

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