Tinted Glass & Sun Shades

Tinted Glass shall be banned forever. No question. That is the right decision and must not be contested. The dark glass is known as PRIVACY GLASS in the U.K and shall be used only at the back passenger’s window when approved by the relevant authority. May I repeat – it is considered only as a PRIVACY GLASS which is meant for security reason. And when security is involved, it is intended solely for the government purpose in such case as VIP protection, sensitive clandestine operation, and transportation of invaluable government properties or personalities.

As the name implies there is no such thing as MEDICAL BENEFIT of tinted glass unless you are endorsed having a stage 3 skin cancer or cronic eyes problems – if you think you have it go and produce the evidence to the relevant authority – this will be negotiable surely. No supported medical endorsement of this dark glass has been published and every arguments on the benefits are all hypothesis mostly on personal opinion of either the so called “experts” or simply the proponent of this concept. Unless you are DRACULA or VAMPIRE then the answer will always be NO. When it is dark in the broad daylight it will be even darker in the night posing more than hundred times the danger.

In Malaysia, drivers are simply ignorant. The JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) clearly indicates that TINTED GLASS usage is against the law – still a lot of cars are seen using this trendy fashionistas. I called it fashion because drivers find it flashy to use the dark glass or in majority cases they use it to hide themselves inside from sneak preview of their girlfriends, boyfriends, husband, or wife, or relatives, and in rare cases running from DEBT due to non performing hire purchase payment and AH LONG.

Please do not cite an example from Malaysia or Thailand to augment your proposal for TINTED GLASS. Their drivers are outlaw due to incompetent enforcement agencies or bribery (in most cases) – just as simple as that.

I do not think drivers are willing to poke extreme payment for specially equipped dark glass from the factory which could inflate the on the road price of such vehicle. Or even willing to order and properly installed a five stars self adapting tinted film which is mostly used to prevent glass smearing during accidents or bullet intrusion in the western communities where guns are culture.

Please be considerate to other road users. Your action could save life of the others. When it is difficult for you to see through the glass then it will be very much difficult for the other drivers to do so via your glass when you are queuing in front or on either side of someone’s else car in a busy junction.

To the sunshade lover. YOUR ACTION IS EVEN DANGEROUS TO OTHER ROAD USERS. As the name implies, SUNSHADE is designed to block the sunrays and not to be used at night.



Products of Politics

Is Democracy a right choice? As a happy citizen I won’t bother to democratize my government. I want GOOD GOVERNANCE – that will help very much rather than messing with lots of changes, elections, political jargons, massive party campaigns – cluttering my daily peaceful life. I want none but PEACE and STABILITY that in return provides ECONOMIC progress.

In a government with nothing to complain, citizens will become obedience and will fight for the status quo.

Democracy is expensive with constant changes to the government in countries such as Italy or Thailand or at least in every 4 to 6 years in some other. Massive resources are wasted in establishing and running the ELECTION COMMISSION, renting or building electoral centres, plebiscites or voting paper, counting centres, recruitment of paid volunteers, campaigning pamphlets, banners, slogans, media advertisements, posters and countless strategies. Not to name the soulless advocates of this system who die vaguely in supporting their respective leaders regardless of the causes citing for example red and yellow shirts in Bangkok and University Students’ movement in Jakarta.

Democracy could be a vehicle of enrichment for some politicians with hierarchy of cronies and followers who control businesses, law and orders, and social instruments such as gangsterisms. Some powerful leaders could overturn parliament easily and indirectly convert the system to dictatorship such a case as Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Muammar Ghadafi et al. Some manipulate the system to stay in power longer such as Ferdinand Marcos, Hosni Mubarak, Bashar Al Assad, Soeharto, Tun Mahathir Mohamed et al.

Do you still consider Democracy an ideal system versus the others. Nope. I am a proponent or in some case an advocate of Absolute Monarchy. And the last kingdom remaining exists on an island in the East – the last kingdom on earth to be precise. This system provides stability as there will be a guarantee of single leadership for a longer period as opposed to democracy etc. Some political parties or coalition of parties could be a dominant force in a political scenario in such countries as Singapore with PAP in a close sight or Barisan Nasional (BN) in Malaysia.

This kingdom is rich with natural resources and are distributed in good portion to the population. Added further with free everything from academic regardless of level, health care, no income tax, no VAT or service tax, cheap fuel with heavy subsidies, low water and power tariffs, cheap road tax, no tolls payment, low parking fees, and thousands of other unforeseen benefits – what more do you want. Million of free dollars – that you have to work out by yourself.

Be GRATEFUL to Allah the Al Mighty and pray for the prosperousness. Stop complaining and never regret on what you have because someone else on the other place is less fortunate or unimaginably poor enough to survive on minute basis.

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